May 19, 2011


Sometimes.. I wonder "Why on earth do I blog?".

Sometimes.. I think I blog for my followers.

Sometimes.. I think blogging is like a journal.

Sometimes.. I think I blog so I can meet new people.

Sometimes.. I think I blog so I can redo my blog design.

Sometimes.. I think I blog so it forces to do the 365 project.

Sometimes.. I get discouraged when I see I only have six followers.

Sometimes.. I am super thankful that I have six wonderful followers.

Sometimes.. I love reading your comments.

Sometimes.. There are no comments to read.

Sometimes.. I run out of words.


  1. lol!!!! Nice photograph of the coke wrapper! It's a little blurry tho....

    I'm a photographer too! Well, I'm not perfesional or anything.... But I think I'm not half bad, and I enjoy it!!!! If you want to see some of my photography, please go to

    Thanks for the post!!!!


  2. hey! I follow! and comment! :) yet you dont comment on mine! That my dear is how you get more followers!
    Trust me, I know.
    So yaya! I like this picture! very cooL!

  3. P.S. Be thankd ful for you followers, Its better then no one. :)

  4. @ Faith- Thanks! I know, I wish it wasn't blurry. Thanks for remarking on that. It is nice when people tell what they think of my photography, whether they say good things or bad. :)

    @ Rachel- I am very thankful for my six followers and whenever they leave comments. :) I rotate which blogs I comment on because when you follow 60 blogs it is hard to comment on all of their posts. :/ Thus, I read all of them and comment of some of them.

  5. I love that picture! so cool;)

  6. Sometimes I wonder why I blog, too...but actually I have really good reasons for why I started two of my three blogs.

    I started my journal blog first when my family was trying to raise support to go back to Papua New Guinea a couple of years ago, and it was just meant to be a way to update people but it turned into so much more. Now it's a journal of my life and a devotional.

    I created my photography blog to share my photography with a friend who doesn't have Facebook and wanted to see my photos. However, this year I really started getting into blogging and now that blog has become so much more, too!

    I'm amazed at how many followers I have! It's not me, it's all God. And that's my ultimate purpose for blogging - to encourage and challenge fellow believers. :)

    Love in Christ,

  7. Crazily, I follow 128 blogs! It's a lot, and I don't comment on all of them all the time, but I just have such a hard time choosing which ones to follow...

  8. @Jaz Olivia- Thanks!

    @Jessica- That is really cool. :) Wow, 128 blogs is a lot. I used to follow 60 but now only follow 30 something.

  9. Yeah, it really is! But I kinda love the internet so I go overboard. Lol. :D

  10. @Jessica- Lol. I used to go on the Internet for at least a couple hours a day, normally more. :) Then my computer broke so now I am not on very much. :/

  11. Hey You have 10 comments! :)

  12. P.S. I'm having a photo contest today, you should come and enter!

  13. I know! I was super excited when I saw that! :) I will go and check out your photography contest. Thanks for telling be about it.


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