I thought this was pupsqueak. What happened?
i changed my blog name back to Living For My Savior. :)

Why pupsqueak?
well, about a year ago i was getting ready to open my photography blog. at the time i was blogging at livin' 4 the Savior. i was trying to figure out a name for my new photography blog and one day pupsqueak photography came to me! i really liked it and it stuck. i shortened it to pupsqueak when i closed livin' 4 the Savior and began to blog on just pupsqueak. :)

I follow your blog! Will you follow mine?
chances are, probably not. if you leave the link i probably will check it out but i already follow way too many blogs.

Can I be your penpal?
sorry, no. i am not allowed to give out personal information(such as my address) to "strangers". 

What camera do you use?
i use a pentax *ist DL. i shoot manual. :) it is my mom's. i am currently saving up for a new camera(I have a samsung SL30). 

Will you sponsor a giveaway on my blog?
e-mail me! if i accept i will probably give 1 5x7 print of the winner's choice or 1-2 pre-made header(s)*. say which you would prefer in the e-mail. :)

Where did you get your blog design?
i did it myself. :) 

Can I interview you/have you guest post on my blog?
sure just send me an e-mail or drop me a comment. 

Have a question to add? E-mail me or comment on my blog. :)

*when you e-mail me i will show you what headers are currently available. :)

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