March 7, 2012

in a year...{part three}

 already done-in progress- not completed
i would like to...
1// take my camera when i babysit
2// go offline for a week
3// do my devotions everyday for a month
4// purchase something big
5// stay off pinterest for a month
6// read one-hundred and fifty books
7// start high school
8// lead someone to Christ
9// take tucker to the dog park and take pictures
10// go out for coffee with a friend
11// bake a rainbow cake
12// grow out my hair
13// photograph a sunrise/sunset
14// stop biting my nails
15// find out how to do something new
16// start shooting manual
17// do something un-expected
18// do a photoshoot
19// exercise every day for a week
20// go somewhere i've never gone before
21// re-do my bedroom
22// drink more water
23// get one-hundred followers
24// do something crafty
25// plant something and watch it grow
26// make a new friend
27// do a thirty day photography challenge
28// stay up all night
29// learn to crochet or knit 
30// learn a new language
31// post about my outfit
32// surprise someone with cupcakes/cake
33// meet another blogger in real life
34// plan/attend a surprise party
35// have a sleepover with a bunch of my friends
36// try a new food
37// order a blog design from someone else
38// sponsor a giveaway
39// participate in NaNoWriMo
40// complete a journal
41// learn how to sew
42// photograph my siblings
43// start a three-hundred six-five, ninety-three, or fifty-two project
44// guest post/be interviewed on someone's blog
45// de-clutter my bedroom
46// win a giveaway
47// buy something from etsy
48// write a note and mail it
49// write a note to my ten years older self
50// explore the place i live
51// find a new photography spot
52// go on a photoshoot with someone else
53// second shoot a photoshoot
54// watch a movie i've never watched before
55// write a book review
56// paint/draw a picture
57// start doing free photography sessions for people
58// buy a new camera
59// host a link-up event
60// attend/watch a photography seminar
61// carry around a camera for the day
62// read through my past blog posts
63// take a self-portrait i actually like
64// do my nails
65// enter a contest
66// buy something and re-do it
67// start a scrapbook
68// cook supper by myself
69// be in a play
70// fly a kite

more coming soon! this idea was inspired by{with permission}

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