May 1, 2012

goodbye for now

you might have noticed that lately my blog posts have been jumbled and that my heart hasn't been in them. well, see, my blog has become more of an excuse to get online and mess around. and, the closer i draw to God, the more my blog gets pushed off to the side. i've tried to make this blog about my spiritual walk, but it hasn't worked. so, after much prayer and consideration, i have decided to close this blog. i may be back sometime in the future, but for now i will say goodbye. before for i do that i would like to thank you, my friend and followers, for standing by me through my jumbled thoughts, trying to find out why i blog, and for just following me in the first place. thanks for everything. goodbye!

April 25, 2012

books i've been reading as of late

this book is amazing. i couldn't put it down and now even though i have finished it i am reading it again. definitely a book i plan on buying. 

 while i really enjoyed reading this book, it was very deep. i could only read one or two chapters before i had to put it down and think for a little while to comprehend all it was saying. but, i would definitely recommend it.

this is probably one of my favorite series. all the books are really well written and i enjoy reading them. so, i have started to read them a second time. :) the only thing is there are forty books in the series so it takes a while to read. 

i picked this book off the shelf in the library because i recognized its cover. i'm glad i did. it was the perfect book to read right after do hard things and i enjoyed reading it.

what have you been reading lately?


April 21, 2012

my challenge

i have decided to stay off pinterest for a month(number five on the list). partly because it means i will get another thing checked off my in a year list, partly because i've wasted allot of time on pinterest lately, and partly because i found something more useful to do with the time i spend on pinterest.

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

it's called  basically, it is a free, online, vocabulary game that currently donates ten grains of rice to hungry people for every question you get right. so not only are you working on your vocabulary skills, you are helping to feed hungry people! so what am i doing? well... first of all, i am staying of pinterest for a month that means i will not be going onto the site for a month(thirty days). secondly, i will be playing free rice using the time i normally would be on pinterest. will you join me? i am going to start on monday(to give you time to link-up) and continue till the 15th of may. here is a link to my free rice account: emmie0952. let's see how much rice we can donate together!
here is a button to grab if you do this:

Want to know why I'm staying off Pinterest for a month? Click here to find out!

cameras, people, and some snapshots// week three


welcome back to cameras, people, and some snapshots! sorry for the delay in posting. last week's winner was:
Carli Nicole from Reflections

this is a beautiful photo! i love the lighting and the bokeh.

this week's theme is:

it can be any part of a face(human or animal). eyes, noses, hair, as long as it is part of a face. :)

-the photo you enter must be taken by you.
-you may only enter one photo per challenge.
-if your link goes to a blog post with more then one picture please specify which photo you are entering.
-you can enter using imgur, photobucket, flickr, or your blog.
-please keep all the photos rated g or pg.
-you must include either the button or a link to this post.
-you may edit the photo.
-the contest will close on thursday. 
-have fun!

April 20, 2012

the changes

about an hour ago i posted about how my blog was going to be closed for some changes. well, now those changes have been made and i am writing a post about them. these changes have been long in the coming. and no, i am not going to stop blogging. just change my blog's focus. here is what i wrote last night in my notebook:

see, after i posted this post i thought it would be easy to post about my Christian walk with God and how he was working in my life. but then i read this(pg.8-19 March/April 2012) and realized that what i was going to post should of been between me and God. not on my blog. so, i gave up. but now i am ready to try again. i don't want my blog to be "all about me" i want it to be all about Christ. so i have changed the name, design, and focus and now will be using my blog in a different way(not to promote me but to promote Christ).