December 3, 2011

welcome december

december means lots of things. lots of people having giveaways(including me, check back monday). christmas music being played all around me. although i put on my headphones and listen to my own christmas music. a tree lit and waiting to be decorated.

a happy puppy licking peanut butter out of a jar(we give him the peanut butter jar when we can't get any more peanut butter out of it). it gets dark sooner(more night lights bokeh). finding out that my mom's camera doesn't shoot in full manual(just manual exposure).

upped definition
lots of pinterest surfing for christmas presents and picture ideas. getting excited for christmas break to start. watching little sibling put on "concerts". getting ready for a piano recital. lots and lots of excitement. what does december mean to you?


  1. Great bokeh shots! I wish I had a camera that could take bokeh.

    Jemimah C.


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