April 7, 2012

{surprise i} cameras, people, and some snapshots


hey everybody! after much consideration i have decided to bring back my weekly photography challenge! this time though, instead of being Snapshot Saturday it is called "cameras, people, and some snapshots". so are you ready? this week's theme is: pets. feel free to take the picture of a pet-related item too. :)

-the photo you enter must be taken by you.
-you may only enter one photo per challenge.
-if your link goes to a blog post with more then one picture please specify which photo you are entering.
-you can enter using imgur, photobucket, flickr, or your blog.
-please keep all the photos rated g or pg.
-you must include either the button(at the top of the post) or a link to this post.
-you may edit the photo.
-have fun!

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