July 2, 2011

Snapshot Saturday-Flowers


Snapshot Saturday occurs once every Saturday. Every week there is a new judge, theme, and link-up.

This week's theme is... Flowers!

This weeks judge is... Tirzah from Tirzah's Delights


1. You may only enter one photo per week. You must have taken the photo yourself.
2. You must include include the button(above) in your post(or in a comment if your are using Flickr to link-up) or add the link to the current Snapshot Saturday.
3. You may either post or use Flickr to link-up.
4. You must link-up by Wenesday night.
5. No inappropriate pictures, all must be rated G or PG.
6. I have the right to disqualify and/or delete any photo out the link-up that does not follow the rules.

If you have any questions or would like to be judge for one of our contests please e-mail me at emmie0952-blog@yahoo.com. Thanks for linking up!


  1. Hi Emily!

    I think the flowers in my photo are a type of daisy, but I'm not completely positive. Thanks for having this contest!

  2. Thanks! Thank you for entering. :)


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