August 11, 2011

It's the time for...

 {Sorry, this posted before I was finished}
sneezing+ watering eyes+ stuffy nose+ lost voice(not due to allergies, due to me screaming my head off and getting freezing cold last night, explanation coming)= me right now.

Epic Battle II
= rock climbing +  good preaching+ screaming your head off as the fire department sprays you with freezing cold water+ a mud pit+ steal the bacon on a vaseline and soap covered tarp with a watermelon as the "bacon"+ being pelted by water balloons as you run through the mud pit, run over rubber inner tubes, go over a mud hill, jump over a hurdle, and the slide across the same tarp you played steal the bacon on, and run to the finish line+ screaming wildly because your team won= no voice and allot of fun.

School is starting Monday. *gasp* This summer flew by so fast. I can't believe it is almost over. Summer never lasts long enough. This year I will be in 8th grade. I am homeschooled(explains the early start date).

Someone New
This year we are adding to our family(No, my mom is not pregnant). My cousin is coming to live with us for the year(His mom is being deployed). For privacy reasons I am not going to disclose his name or age. This is going to be a big adjustment and I would appreciate your prayers.


  1. I just wrote a post about the end of summer {}. It really flew by so incredibly fast! School doesn't start for two more weeks for me but I'm going back early to help out with missionary kid orientation so I'm leaving at the end of this week. Eek! If only summer could last a little longer... :)

    My allergies are terrible, so I can totally relate. I'll pray that you feel better soon and that your family adjusts well to having another family member.

  2. Thanks. :) I am about to go read your post.


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