August 27, 2011

Snapshot Saturday- Anything + Winners of Children

Winner's from children:
In first place was:
Diary of a Photographer! I love her smile and how she is not looking at the camera. :) This is a beautiful capture.

In second place was....
Faith from Something Fun! His expression is priceless. I love the food in his mouth. It makes you look right at his smile. :)

In third place was...

Melissa! Love how is looking right up into your lens. And he is smiling. Great shot!


This Snapshot Saturday will be a little bit different from past weeks. Since my cousin is coming this week, there will be no winners. I will pick a few favorites to post at the end of the week. ;) Also, the contest will run till Thursday this week. :) Have fun!

This week's theme is..... Anything!


1. You may only enter one photo per week. You must have taken the photo yourself.
2. You must include include the button(above) in your post(or in a comment if your are using Flickr to link-up) or add the link to the current Snapshot Saturday.
3. You may either post or use Flickr to link-up.
4. You must link-up by Wenesday night.
5. No inappropriate pictures, all must be rated G or PG.
6. I have the right to disqualify and/or delete any photo out the link-up that does not follow the rules.
7. If you have more then one photo in your post please specify which one you are entering.

Want to be judge? E-mail or comment on this blog!


  1. Hey! I like the new design! I don't have Internet right now thanks to Irene but I'd love to judge another week. I'll try to enter this if we get power back soon.

  2. if your ok with this em i will enter and if you get no one to be judge i can be it and just take mine out

  3. @Jessica Awesome! Would you be able to judge the 10th(September)?

    @mary ann I hope you get your power back soon! I would love for you to judge. :) Just comment again when you can judge.

    @Rebecca Sure! :) I just got two judges. :) I don't need a judge for this week.

  4. kk just tell if you ever do and i will be happy to :)


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