February 14, 2012


Yesterday morning I decided to have an apple for a snack. When I reached into the bag of apples I knew I had another idea for a photo shoot. :) After school I pulled out a piece of white card stock and an apple. I grabbed my mom's camera and began shooting.

I had a little(or rather big) problem. Tucker really wanted the apple. :)

I decided that since I didn't really like the background and since Tucker kept getting in the way that I would choose a new background.

I found a basket and put some more apples in it. :)

Still begging?

have a favorite?


  1. my favorite is the last image :)

  2. oh, cool! I really like the first one and the second-to-last one :)

  3. I liked the last one & the 2nd & 3rd one!=)


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