February 17, 2012

can you believe it?

today i unfollowed forty-five blogs! i started out following one hundred and ninety blogs and ended up following one hundred and forty-five blogs. sorry if i un-followed yours. i really needed to cut down on the time it took me to read the blogs i follow.

ps. Anyone know of a free, easy, watermarking program?


  1. that's an excellent idea! i'm about to follow suite. :)

  2. that's crazy! I follow waaaay too many blogs! maybe I should narrow down too :S

  3. I've tried to do that before, but... I just can't bring myself to cut down on all those lovely blogs! it's too hard to pick favorites. kudos to you for managing to unfollow so many!

  4. i use visual watermark free. The only thing about it is if you try to watermark up and down pictures with across pictures it doesnt work to well. So you have to do the 1 and then the others.


  5. I got inspired by you and unfollowed about 100. I know, that's a lot! Most of them were either abandoned (not posted on in 6 months or more), deleted, or had moved though, and there were others that I didn't even remember following. It's crazy! I highly prefer following 200 blogs and reading/commenting regular-ishly on them, than following over 300, getting overwhelmed by updates, and not commenting at all.

    eve @ essence of eve

    1. wow. that is allot of blogs to un-follow. i'm not sure i would be able to do that. :) good for you!


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