February 9, 2012

oh, man

well y'all know that i haven't posted in like two months. unless you count that really lame post where i said i would be back and obviously i wasn't... well anyways i guess i will fill you in on what i've been doing.

the play- right now i am in a play about the holocaust(did you know that the mac dictionary lets you search wikipedia? just though you might want to know...).  it is really sad but i am glad to be part of it.

the photographs- well, to tell the truth there aren't any. i have been taking a break from photography but plan to get the camera out tomorrow. but who know if that will actually happen.

the graphic design- actually, i closed my graphic design business. i just got too busy and frankly got in a creativity rut. :p would anyone like to make me a free blog background(email me)? i love the one that i have now, it's just so wintery and when i look outside i see spring not winter.

anyways, i hope to be back with another picture filled post soon. :)

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  1. Welcome back! Yes the holocaust was soo sad ikr?!:( i went to the holocaust museum in DC and it was sooo sad:,(


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