September 22, 2011


Today as I began to read though the posts of other bloggers that I have neglected for a while now I realized that I haven't really posted in a while. Life has been busy lately and I don't see it slowing down at all. But beneath all of the running around, stress, and busyness there is beauty. The leaves turning bright, beautiful, colors. Sixty degree weather. New piano pieces. J(six) and the cute things he comes out with. Tucker(my dog) growing furrier by the minute. Megann turning ten today. Nathan(eight) sitting and playing on the computer. The smell of chocolate, peanut butter, cake, just out of the oven. The peaceful feeling of not having picked up a camera in weeks. In fact I am not missing photography one bit. That is something I have realized in the past few weeks. Photography has become very low on my priority list. More important things have taken it's place.

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  1. Same Here, I love photography and all, but I am really focusing in God and helping my family out more...


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