September 2, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Today I got awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Jessica!

I award(In no particular order) this to:
Kiley from Click and Capture Photography
Tirzah from Tirzah's Delights
Jessica from Image-ine
Emily from Flipflops and Polka Dots
Becca from Becca's Life

7 things about me:
1. I absolutely hate tuna fish.

2. I am a Christian. I got saved when I was three years old on April 14, 2001. I got baptized when I was 12 on September 12, 2010.

3. I own a dog named Tucker. He is a Golden-Doodle and is 16 months old.

4. My first blog was called Emilie's Place. Then I changed the name to Sit. Lay Down. Good Dog. After that it went back to Emilie's Place till I moved to Livin' 4 the Savior. Then in May I moved to PupSqueak Photography. A few days ago I shorted the name to PupSqueak.

5. I have two siblings Megann and Nathan. Megann is 9 and Nathan is 8. This year my cousin is living with us while his mom is deployed.

6. I love to design blogs and I design over at Blown Away Blog Design.

7. I love coffee(with creamer).

If the people I awarded this blog award to above are to accept their award, they must do the same things that I have done above (re-award the award to at least five other blogs and write 7 things about themselves)*.

*Copied from Jessica's blog.


  1. What is creamer? I don't think we get it in SA, but my friend who visited the US won't stop going on about it.

  2. @Jessica It is like milk with sugar. :)


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