October 20, 2011

i have a hole in my mouth + cupcakes

In other words I lost my tooth. I honestly felt like a little kid, wiggling it and wiggling it(for a total of 2 hours while listening to my mom read a book aloud), till it finally comes out. :) So now I have a hole in my mouth(and in case you were wondering I still have more teeth to lose).

I made cupcakes! I made them from following this picture:

This is how mine looked:

linking up the above photo--here

I can't wait to eat one! And some exciting news? I shot all of the above pictures in manual!


  1. so cute! hey... did you get that idea off pinterest?? /:)

  2. Hi! You have a great blog; I've been enjoying it. The cupcakes look great :) I blog over at Joy Caroline: A 13-Year-Old Girl Living for Jesus (www.joycarolinelive4Him.blogspot.com). Feel free to check it out! :)

    ~Joy Caroline

  3. @Joy: Thanks for stopping by and following. :)


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