October 1, 2011

Snapshot Saturday- Love


Hi! Welcome back to Snapshot Saturday @ Younique! I have two surprises this week. The first is that Snapshot Saturday got a new button(winner's buttons will be changed soon)! Do you like the new button? Second, during the month of November, Snapshot Saturday will be hosted at your blogs! Would you like to be the lucky host of Snapshot Saturday for a week? Hosts will get their own Snapshot Saturday button(customized to fit their blog), get to be judge(or find a guest judge), and 2 weeks free advertising on my sidebar(there may be more added later)! Sounds fun, right? Just e-mail me if you're interested(please provide a basic about me, your blog address, and what weeks you are available to host). I will post the four November hosts on the last Snapshot Saturday of October(the 29th). Hosts will be notified(by e-mail) by the 25nd. All wanna-be host must e-mail me before the 22nd of October! You may not be picked(depending on how many people e-mail me), sorry. Ready? E-mail me!

This week's theme is... Love.

This week's judge is... Lilly from Belle Fleur Photography!

1. You may only enter one photo per week. You must have taken the photo yourself.
2. You must include include the button(above) in your post(or in a comment if your are using Flickr to link-up) or add the link to the current Snapshot Saturday.
3. You may either post or use Flickr to link-up.
4. You must link-up by Wenesday night.
5. No inappropriate pictures, all must be rated G or PG.
6. I have the right to disqualify and/or delete any photo out the link-up that does not follow the rules.
7. If you have more then one photo in your post please specify which one you are entering.

Last Week's Winners!
In first place is...
Jessica from Shutter Speed Pictures!

In second place is...
Mary Ann from Shutter Happy!

In third place is...
Heidi-Mari from Heidi's Crafts!

Congrats winners!


  1. Emilie! I just saw my old blog button o your sidebar/slideshow!!! I just want to thankyou for putting it on there, but I changed my button since then! Would you mind switching it out?

  2. @Sophie A vlog is a video blog post.

  3. Hi Emilie, is it too late to enter Snapshot Saturday? I didn't realise it was closed already:-( Lots of love, Kelly-Anne


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