October 4, 2011

I'm Not Perfect.

Did you get that? Let me say that louder(or bigger, whatever)
So why do we blog like we are perfect? Like we never make mistakes? Like our lives were the best and we had the perfect life? Like we are perfect? Yes, even I am guilty of being a "perfect blogger". Life isn't always perfect. Our hair and outfits are not perfect either. Sometimes we blog like everything is fine, but really everything is a mess. Sometimes we are crying while writing a happy blog post. Why not just write the truth? Instead of being ourselves we are really only showing our followers a girl with a wonderful life, hair, pictures, etc. Why not show your followers that you are just like them a sinner, with imperfect hair, blurry pictures, etc. Will you join the rebellion and post your imperfections along with your better things? Head on over to Kendra's blog to rebell against perfect blogging.

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