April 25, 2012

books i've been reading as of late

this book is amazing. i couldn't put it down and now even though i have finished it i am reading it again. definitely a book i plan on buying. 

 while i really enjoyed reading this book, it was very deep. i could only read one or two chapters before i had to put it down and think for a little while to comprehend all it was saying. but, i would definitely recommend it.

this is probably one of my favorite series. all the books are really well written and i enjoy reading them. so, i have started to read them a second time. :) the only thing is there are forty books in the series so it takes a while to read. 

i picked this book off the shelf in the library because i recognized its cover. i'm glad i did. it was the perfect book to read right after do hard things and i enjoyed reading it.

what have you been reading lately?



  1. sweet. ill have to read that first one :)

  2. Hi Emilie,
    I just wanted to ask you to guestpost on my blog if you want to?
    I love your blog!
    Alexandrea from Shineyourglorydown.blogspot.com
    Let me know !

  3. Kaelyn had to read the first one for school this year but she didn't like it but I think I am going to try it.....


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