April 21, 2012

my challenge

i have decided to stay off pinterest for a month(number five on the list). partly because it means i will get another thing checked off my in a year list, partly because i've wasted allot of time on pinterest lately, and partly because i found something more useful to do with the time i spend on pinterest.

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

it's called freerice.com.  basically, it is a free, online, vocabulary game that currently donates ten grains of rice to hungry people for every question you get right. so not only are you working on your vocabulary skills, you are helping to feed hungry people! so what am i doing? well... first of all, i am staying of pinterest for a month that means i will not be going onto the site for a month(thirty days). secondly, i will be playing free rice using the time i normally would be on pinterest. will you join me? i am going to start on monday(to give you time to link-up) and continue till the 15th of may. here is a link to my free rice account: emmie0952. let's see how much rice we can donate together!
here is a button to grab if you do this:

Want to know why I'm staying off Pinterest for a month? Click here to find out!


  1. this is so cool!! :)

  2. What a neat post!! I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you over at my blog :)

  3. Freerice.com is amazing! :) My username is appleblossom22




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