April 21, 2012

cameras, people, and some snapshots// week three


welcome back to cameras, people, and some snapshots! sorry for the delay in posting. last week's winner was:
Carli Nicole from Reflections

this is a beautiful photo! i love the lighting and the bokeh.

this week's theme is:

it can be any part of a face(human or animal). eyes, noses, hair, as long as it is part of a face. :)

-the photo you enter must be taken by you.
-you may only enter one photo per challenge.
-if your link goes to a blog post with more then one picture please specify which photo you are entering.
-you can enter using imgur, photobucket, flickr, or your blog.
-please keep all the photos rated g or pg.
-you must include either the button or a link to this post.
-you may edit the photo.
-the contest will close on thursday. 
-have fun!

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