October 12, 2010

The Story of Tucker


After lots of pleading, this summer(July 12) one day after my birthday we went and picked up my birthday present! :-) It was love at first sight when I saw those three squiggling 9 week old puppies! There were two girls and one boy. One girl(Tilly) had really pretty markings but was HYPER she was playfully nipping us while the other two weren't. The other girl(Cassy) was sweet and gentle, the runt of the litter but looked too much like a poodle for us. Then came Malachi a gentle but playful puppy. :-) We chose him and then got to bring him home with us! We renamed him Tucker and he is a really good dog! In case you were wondering he is a Golden-Doodle(Golden Retriever Poodle Mix). That is how we got Tucker, the best dog in the whole wide world!

Update on our van: Our van is fine we took it into the shop and they replaced the battery and now it runs great!

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