October 29, 2010

Tucker got neutered....

Yesterday Tucker got neutered(so he can't father any puppies). We had it done at our local humane society. We dropped him off at 7:30am and since they were doing 25 other surgeries yesterday we picked him up at 5:45pm. When we got home he slept for about 20 min. Then he would pace and then lay down and then get up and pace.... he did this till about midnight. Finally he settled down enough that my mom(she slept with me because he was so restless) and I could sleep till about 4:00am when he had to go out. I fell back asleep till 10:00am(my mom got up with him about 7:50am). He has been sleeping most of today.

We also got him micro chipped yesterday. A micro chip is a little chip placed in-between his shoulder blades that can be scanned by vets and shelters. In case he would ever get lost they could scan it and read our contact information off of it. It is actually pretty neat! It nice for them that they could do it yesterday because they did it while he was still out from the anesthesia.

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