November 26, 2011

--thanksgiving-- part i

The holiday started on Wednesday, no school! My aunt and uncle came on Wednesday night, all the way from New Jersey. Family. Food. Shopping. Photos. Those four words pretty much some up my life the past few days. On Wednesday night I realized that I had totally forgotten that I really wanted to take pictures during Thanksgiving. So my wonderful dad drove me to Walmart. :) Let's just say that not having a camera for a while makes for one photo crazy girl... and allot of pictures.

The food was amazing. My mom baked a turkey in the oven and my dad grilled one. Personally, I prefer oven baked. But, everyone had their own opinion.

 There was a little big puppy that was very interested in the holiday decor(We have to watch him carefully around the decorative pumpkins and squash otherwise he will steal them).

 We actually had to set up two tables, there were thirteen of us. There was allot of laughing, fun, food, and just being with family we hadn't seen for a few months was enough to make me happy.

The past few days have been crazy. We went shopping several times(more on that later) and I got some really cool things. :) Right now it is a great feeling just to sit down and relax.


  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

  2. yeah, what that jessica said! ^

  3. Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving! Haha, you're so on top of your posts... I thought early Friday morning, "I need to go write my Thanksgiving post now!" And I haven't even started it now.


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