November 15, 2011

when i started blogging(link up)

When I started blogging...
  • I took photos like this:
and this
 and this...
  • Tucker was little!
 Isn't he cute?
haha he looks like a squirrel in this picture. :)

  • My blog designs looked like this:
  • My blog name is Emilie's Place(then Sit. Stay. Good Dog., then back to Emilie's Place, Livin' 4 the Savior, Pupsqueak Photography, PupSqueak, and now Younique). Sadly, though I deleted most of my older post while switching to the name Emilie's Place again.
  • I mostly posted about Tucker. :)
  • I used allot of exclamation points.
  • I posted on my laptop(which is broken as of now) and I took photos using a point and shoot(now I use my moms dslr).

//linking up to Discover Captivating.


  1. huh! cool. i guess it would be pointless for me to do, since I've only been blogging for three months. :")

  2. It's amazing to see how you have improved over time, Emilie! I remember when I started blogging. Gosh, I was no good at it!

    And by the way, your dog is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  3. Thanks for linking up! It was interesting to read;)

  4. nice... :) lol i remember when you started :) and first started making blog backgrounds :)...good times together good times

  5. Cute blog. Your dog is so adorable! I just started mine about 3 months ago. Come check it out if you have a chance.


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