November 20, 2011

where i'm at...

camera wise... i'm saving up for a new camera! right now i'm leaning towards a canon t3 or t3i. any suggestions? right now i need allot more money, but i have been babysitting allot. :) while i wait for enough money to buy a new camera i'm using my mom's pentax dslr. which needs new batteries.

photo taking.. right now i can't take any photos until i buy some new camera batteries. seeing as both my point and shoot and my mom's dslr are out. i'm planning on going on a photo shoot with rebecca soon. also, i have a person interested in me taking some pictures for them, so i'm hoping that works out! :)

this blog... right now i really am enjoying blogging! i can't wait to get more camera batteries so i can take some pictures. this whole thing of no batteries is really bothering me..

giveaways... don't forget to enter my headband giveaway! there are 10 more days left to enter. i'm also planning a christmas giveaway! want to sponsor? click sponsor at the top of the page or e-mail me for information.


  1. You should totally buy a Pentax so you and your mom can share lenses! I have the Pentax K-r and I love it. You can find really good deals on it depending on where you look. Plus, it comes in different colors :)
    (but my friend has the T2i or the T3i, and it's really nice.)

  2. Thanks for voting for my Brickfish entry! :)

    I hope you can get a new camera really soon!

  3. I just got a Canon T3, and I LOVE it!


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