November 27, 2011

--thanksgiving-- part ii

On Thursday night(Thanksgiving) we went shopping. There were some awesome sales! We went to several stores, although I only bought stuff at two of them. Aeropostale and Old Navy. :)

I got this shirt at Aero for around $11! It is normally $26.50.
I got these really comfy slippers at Old Navy for $5! They are normally $14.94.
Now, I don't really need flipflops but I couldn't pass up Old Navy's $1 sale! They are normally $3.00.

We went home at about twelve thirty(am) and then slept in. On Friday afternoon we went shopping again. After Thursday night's purchases I had about $3 left. This is what I got:

Hand Sanitizer and Lotion- Bath and Body Works- $1
Headbands- Dollar Tree- $1
Mascara(my first makeup I have every bought!!)- Dollar Tree- $1

I had so much fun. I love shopping.. end of story.

ps. Isn't my puppy cute?


  1. omw!! i was at the same mall as u (i know what mall u were at) at the same time!!! sadly i was in rue21 from 11-1 and old navy from aobut prob 10-11 or something like that...what time were u in old navy?

  2. @Rebecca: we got to Old Navy at about 11:15pm. ;) We just missed you!


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