April 15, 2012

just remember

when i've looked professional photographers photographs many different thoughts have run through my head. sometimes they are inspirational thoughts and sometimes they are thoughts of amazement.

 and yet sometimes the thoughts are that of discouragement. "Wow! That photographer's photos are always so amazing! Why do I have to go through lots of outtakes just to find the few photos that I like that are 'blog worthy'?" 

 then today when i was looking through some really amazing photos something occurred to me. they have outtakes too. the professional photographers, while still amazing, make mistakes. just like you and me. so just remember, next time you are feeling discouraged about your photography skills, that the professional photographers aren't showing you the outtakes, just the beautiful photographs.

and just because we all need this reminder sometimes:

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  1. I love the picture quote- such wonderful words to remember. Even when everyone else forgets about me, I can remember that I'm always on God's mind! What a wonderful reminder!


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