April 7, 2012


how many of you have ever used inlinkz to link up to something or have had people link up to something on your blog? *raises hand* well, today i want to share with you something very scary and dangerous that i found out. today i received a couple of e-mails that someone had submitted a link to link-up to cameras, people, and a few snapshots. no big deal, right? well in the e-mail i saw something disturbing, take a peek(i removed my ip address from this for security sake):


geolocate user? so i made a test link(because i didn't want to see the person who linked up's information) to see how much information it included. it was scary!


look at all that information that someone can get by you just entering your link in an inlinkz link-up widget! i want to encourage you to:
  1. spread the word. please tell people about this! 
  2. stop linking up with inlinkz. you don't want to be giving this information to a stranger!
  3. stop using inlinkz to have people link up to something on your blog. 
because of this information i have found i will no longer be using inlinkz.


  1. Thanks for the warning. I actually use SimplyLinked.

  2. :O oh my word!!! not good! ;( now i cant enter contests... but id rather know this than enter contest! thanks so much for sharing this!


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